Our Services

In addition to filming and editing, we offer motion graphics, design & illustration, still photography, music selection and licensing, audio editing, sub-titling, colour grading and mastering to any format.


Filming includes all equipment required to achieve first class results. In addition to the obvious, cameras and tripods, we will supply lights, dolly, mini jib, microphones, audio recording, HD screen and portable editing. People don't book us because of what we do but why we do it!

Creative Ideas

First we have to understand your business, industry sector and your target audience. Once this is achieved our creativity will start to flow. It can be applied to filming techniques, editing and effects and is even relevant when deciding where to host your video.


Communication is key. Our understanding of your needs and requirements and your understanding of our approach, technical expertise and production schedule will be communicated every step of the way. As our name 4thought suggests, the better the planning the better the results.